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CRM Solutions or Customer Relationship Management Solutions are designed to give businesses the ability to create, assign and manage requests made by their clients. These requests can vary and the ability of a business to understand them and have the capabilities to handle these requests can be the difference between a good brand that is client centric and a brand that is good but is not customer centric.

There is a wide array of CRM solutions and they cover specific areas of the business-consumer engagement. We have focused more on building solutions that empower a business to effectively capture consumer feedback and consumer complaints and then have the process in place that will involve all key stake holders within the organization or outside to effectively address consumer concerns, complaints including complete tracking and performance matrix that gives intelligent reporting on various aspects of the consumer experience, thus helping the business to improve their processes based on tangible and hard data.

  • CRM Portal Development
  • Completely web based solution with an SAAS option also available
  • Consumer complaint management
  • Segregation of feedbacks, positive comments and complaints
  • Mapping of various business parameters leading to an effective feedback capture
  • Fully integrated operations and issue management interface
  • Time management to ensure time bound resolution with escalation matrix
  • Comprehensive reporting of performance on definable parameters
  • MIS to take qualitative corrective measures
  • Short implementation time
  • Customizable – to adapt to specific nuances of every business

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