Fire Alarm Systems

There are number of reasons for installing Fire Detection and Alarms Systems. Each system at RABCO is designed to fulfill specific needs.

RABCO Fire Alarm Systems notifies occupants to take evasive action to escape the dangers of a hostile-fire, to summon organize assistance to initiate or assist in fire control activities. It also, initiates automatic fire control and suppression systems to assure that the operational status is maintained wide a variety of auxiliary function involving advanced process controls. A variety of Fire Alarm System components like detectors, Panels, Siren ,Manual Call Points etc is brought you to directly from Korea with necessary Siren of Local Authorities.

With RABCO as your partner, be assured that your property is well protected against fire and your investments are secured.

  • Fire Control Panels
  • Conventional & Addressable Detectors
  • Conventional & Addressable Panels
  • Emergency Voice Evacuation Systems
  • Fireman Phone
  • I/O Modules
  • Door Magnets/Draw Bolt
  • Siren
  • Wireless Systems
  • Voice Evacuation Systems
  • Home Smoke Detectors

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